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Advantages of cloth bags over tin ducts

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      Carbon fiber cloth is also known as carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber woven cloth, carbon fiber prepreg cloth, carbon fiber reinforced cloth, carbon fiber fabric, carbon fiber belt, carbon fiber sheet (prepreg cloth) and so on. Carbon fiber reinforced cloth is a kind of unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced product. (bag air duct) is usually woven with 12K carbon fiber. The strength is high, the density is small, the thickness is thin, basically does not increase the self-weight and section size of the reinforced members. It has a wide range of application, and it is widely used in the reinforcement and repair of various structural types, such as buildings, bridges and tunnels, as well as seismic reinforcement and structural reinforcement of joints. The utility model has the advantages of convenient construction, no large machinery and equipment, no wet operation, no fire, no on-site fixed facilities, less space occupied by state workers, and high construction efficiency. High durability, because it will not rust, it is very suitable for use in high acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric corrosion environment.

1. Budget.

When installing air ducts in online venues, there will be a budget, and at the beginning, we found that it was a bit expensive to install air ducts in the venues, so we chose tin ducts instead, but the budget is to add the construction cycle, affected area, workers' wages and so on. Tin ducts obviously have a long construction cycle, use more machinery, and occupy more area during construction. On the other hand, the construction of fiber fabric duct is very convenient and covers a small area, so the construction period is very short, which can reduce the waste of workers' wages and construction period to a certain extent, and the overall budget is about 30% cheaper than tin duct.

2. Energy saving.

Of course, ventilation ducts should be used after installation, so energy saving has to be taken into account. In the long run, better energy-efficient air duct systems can save more money. Theenergy saving efficiency of fiber fabric duct is very high, and the kinetic energy utilization rate of fan can reach more than 90%, while the utilization rate of tin duct varies from 50% to 60%. Therefore, the energy saving of fiber fabric air duct is better.

3. Cleaning.

If the tin air duct is cleaned, the workload is heavy, and it needs to be cleaned by robots and other high-tech equipment, which is not easy to clean. The fabric fabric air duct cleaning is very convenient, the air duct can be directly removed, and then industrial cleaning, dehydration after the semi-dry state can be installed, through the air supply to dry it thoroughly.

4. Environment.
When the tin duct is made, there are requirements for the installation environment, and if the floor height is too low, the design and ventilation effect of the duct may be discounted; while the requirements for the floor height of the distribution duct are not so much, and there can be a variety of design ways to achieve the desired effect. it will not lead to energy saving, not beautiful and so on because of the layer height.

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