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Comparison between cloth bag duct and traditional metal duct

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Comparison between cloth bag duct and traditional metal duct:

1. In the cleaning and maintenance of air ducts:
After the outbreak of SARS, Chinese people pay more and more attention to air quality. now the cleaning of ventilation ducts has been put on the agenda of the domestic HVAC industry. Air duct cleaning will soon be listed as the mandatory requirement of air conditioning and ventilation standards. The relevant air duct cleaning equipment has been displayed at the international refrigeration and air conditioning exhibition held in Shanghai in 2004, and the air duct cleaning price is more expensive. However, if we use the cloth bag duct, we only need to remove the bag duct in the washing machine to complete the cleaning work, so the cleaning of the bag duct does not cost at all.

2. In terms of air duct fittings.
Because the traditional metal air duct must use tuyere air valve and other auxiliary accessories, but our cloth bag air duct is designed by our unique computer software, according to indoor conditions and air supply parameters, arrange different forms of ventilation round holes in different directions on the cloth bag, and effectively form a mixed ventilation form of displacement ventilation and induced ventilation in the room, saving a lot of ventilation accessories.

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